• 严谨的开发流程
    Strict development processes
    Fully implement the APQP development process, diverse resources and satisfy the customers; promote the early identification of all changes; avoid late changes; and provide quality products at the lowest cost in time.
  • 有效的本钱控制
    effective cost-controlling capability
    Oriented with customers'requirements, and aiming to improve customer productivity and quality, we introduced advanced foreign equipment and softwares to strive to provide customers with the best quality products at a reasonable price and services
  • 3D智能制板设计
    3D intelligent board design
    With advanced optical mapping ,precise drawing system, they convert 3D data into 2D data, presents a diversified project drawings in a variety of formats, and quickly manufactures boards; product status verification is synchronized to achieve rapid quotation.
  • 匠心的制板设计
    Ingenuity design capablity
    According to the requirements of skeleton style&customer style, we startfrom various aspects of assembly mechanics& integrated professional boarding skills. We strive to optimize the costs of design, prevent mistakes, and test assembly repeatedly, verification and improvement until customer are satisfied.
  • 材质应用推荐
    Material application recommendation
    Hongyuan will follow the principles of safety, reliability, environmental protection, health, comfort and beauty, economic and processable, to provide customers with seatcase material application of the collocation scheme.
  • 色彩设计与产品立异
    Color design and product innovation
    With advanced R&D management system, with automotive seat designers, optimize the interior space of the main color, color matching, material, texture, brightness, gloss and contrast, so that the seat shape, color and material perfect matching, for people to create a visual appeal and give consideration to quality, safety, comfort, personality of the interior. Ornament space.