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The recall of modern cars is partly related to the import of KIA...

    Hongyuan, formerly known as "Taiwan Violin Car Chair Cover Company", was founded in 1960 in Taiwan; in 1994, Hongyuan marched into the mainland market headquarters in Guangzhou, China's first colored cloth chair cover design and production enterprises; in 1999, it formally entered the front-mounted main engine market, for many automobile manufacturers at home and abroad supporting supply. The company has more than 3000 employees, headquartered in Guangzhou, is divided into four systems: operating system, financial system, production system and personnel system, the development and operation of various branches throughout the country to play a planning function. In order to better meet the customer's demand for near-line production, there are Guangzhou, Haikou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Langfang, Changchun, Meizhou, Xiangtan production bases in China to continuously maximize the benefits of automobile manufacturers.


    With the rapid development of the automobile market, the competition among the enterprises is becoming more and more intense. Our company constantly innovates and actively develops in the direction of diversified products, ranging from front-loading business: leather chair cover, door panel skin, baffle fitting, hand sewing products, to digital products supporting: Logitech speakers, group light keyboard armrest, and to OEM customization of automotive interior refitted products, automotive activity gifts for customers in the back-loading market. And service. As a professional leader in the production and sale of automotive chair covers, has been operating in the TPS and other advanced management mode, the implementation of IATF16949 quality system, after more than 20 years of development, has become Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Ford, Volkswagen, Guangzhou Automobile, the Great Wall, Hippocampus, Geely and other automotive accessories manufacturers.

    Hongyuan will keep pace with the development of the market in the future, realize product and process innovation, based on the domestic and foreign markets, and constantly expand the company's business territory. Always adhering to the business philosophy of "cultivating talents, uniting, satisfying customers, and returning to the community," the mission of "pursuing excellence, beautifying car homes, building dreams together and achieving win-win situation" is to strive to realize the vision of "becoming a professional manufacturer of automotive products designated by customers". At the same time, the staff can live through the carrier of Hongyuan, Hongyuan through the efforts of the staff can be sustainable management, and then realize the social value of Hongyuan.